What is a Building Certifer? Why do I need one?

What is a Building Certifer? Why do I need one?

A private certifier is someone who is licenced to facilitate and issue Building Approvals or also known as Building Certification.

All Queensland Building Certifiers are required to be accredited by an authorising body. These include the Australian Institute of Building Surveyors, the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors and licenced by the QBCC (Queensland Building and Construction Commission).

A Building Approval is required before construction commences on your residential new home.

The Building Approval is not just a document. Apart from the approval, it also encompasses inspections and final certification of various aspects of the building work. This process is to ensure the new home is built in accordance with specific legislation and standards. The legislation and standards include the Queensland Development Code (QDC), the Planning Act 2016 and also the National Construction Code.

As part of the legislation, QDC and Planning Act, the Private Certifier also confirms that the house is sited with correct setbacks, identifies if planning relaxations are required, services, various planning scheme overlays and fencing.

The Private Certifier is responsible for nominating the required inspections during the construction phase. The Private Certifier will also carry out its own inspections where nominated in the approval documentation.

The Private Certifier will also nominate required certificates, with the most common ones being;

  • Form 15 – Compliance Certificate for building Design or Specification
  • Form 16 – Inspection Certificate/Aspect certificate/QBCC Licensee Aspect Certificate
  • Form 21 – Final inspection certificate

The licensed builder must provide all the nominated Form 15 and Form 16 certificates from their suppliers and licenced contractors before the Private Certifier will issue the Form 21.

Once a Form 21 has been issued, the buildis considered to be at ‘Practical Completion’.



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