Our flexibility as a Custom Home Builder

Our flexibility as a Custom Home Builder

We wrapped up a custom design and build project out in the bush a couple of weeks ago. The clients had struggled to get this house built for some time, due to the fire rating, size and location of the block.

Understandably frustrated with the initial process of finding a flexible builder, the clients were ready to consider an owner build for their dream house.

The clients got in touch with us with a self-designed floor plan of which we were able to recommend some changes to keep costs low, whilst still reflecting their dream design. The location and BAL rating was no issue for us.

Working with the clients to build within their tight budget was easy, as we were able to customise selection of finishes such as the cladding (Colorbond in Ironstone) to keep costs low. We also removed aspects of our build scope such as the internal painting, which the clients wanted to do themselves (and have already started!).

Some aspects simply weren’t negotiable, such as floor to ceiling tiles in the main bathroom, feature cladding on the front facade, and custom timber garage door.

Building with GCHomes is a breeze as we’re able to cost all aspects of the project up front, which minimizes the opportunity for variations throughout the build. Of course little surprises still pop up (and if we had a magic ball to see the future we would!), but we pride ourselves in open communication so there shouldn’t be any major variations.

If you’ve got a dream floor plan (or even a hand-drawn mud-map) that you’d had costed by another builder, and your dream house appears to be getting further and further away due to the high build/site

costs, don’t give up! Make sure to give us a call to see how we can help! We have the flexibility and imagination to make your dream house a reality.


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