Welcome to GCHomes

Welcome to GCHomes


In 2018 we rebranded to GCHomes to focus 100% on doing what we love — building custom homes.

Why rebrand? Well, we found that as GCProjects, we often got asked “what do you actually do?”.. it was easy enough to answer – “we build homes!”. But we soon realised that what mattered to us and clients was that the name of the company reflected the core business.. homes!

GCHomes was a long time coming for GCGroup – which includes GCDecking & GCProjects. We had to wait a few years to wait for the business name to become available, and as soon as it was – we jumped on it!

We’re so excited to see where this new venture takes the GCGroup brand, and we can’t wait to work with past, current and future clients!




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