How to select finishes for your home

How to select finishes for your home

When building a custom home there are SO MANY decisions to make. And once these decisions are made, there will most likely be more that you never even thought of before!  The end result will be beyond your expectations, but it can be a VERY exhausting process getting there!

One of the most important things to keep in mind when building a custom home is that all the decisions you’ve made in relation to the selection of finishes and colours will need to work cohesively within the home.

When you select GCHomes to build your dream custom home, our initial step is to design the floor plan. You might already have some plans to give us a head start. Or you might say, “I want a 4 bed, 2 bath, 2 car, single level”, in which case, we’ll get started straight away with our drafting team. The overall layout and flow of your new home is very important to us to get right, so that it will work for you, your family, and the aspect of the block.

The next step, once we’ve got a defined layout/floor plan, is to select finishes. And this is where the fun starts!

Our design consultant will organise an appointment with you to discuss and select colours, finishes and materials for all aspects of your new home. These items include — the floor finishes, kitchen design/finishes, appliances, garage door, front door, driveway finish, window frame colour, roof colour, external cladding, and even internal door and handle type – just to name a few! You can see how this can become an overwhelming process!

But don’t stress — our design consultant will guide you through the selections. We meet with our expert suppliers and trades, who can provide examples of finished work, and talk you through any questions you have. The decision making process will be a breeze!

We offer complete flexibility to your dream home, stepping away from the standard ‘cookie cutter project home’ towards a home that reflects your personality, suits your style, and makes the most of modern living.

Our further recommendations for making the selections process a breeze!

Work with an interior designer

They can recommend products/placement/colour combinations that make the most of the space you have. Whilst we’re in the design stage it’s easy enough to implement these changes. There is still some flexibility to move walls/create nibs/returns and recesses and generally give the interior designer the freedom they deserve!

TIP: discuss your budget, to ensure that the interior designer is able to work within this (and not go overboard with their genius creativity!)
TIP: ask for a render of the finished room/area – this is a computer generated drawing that will show you exactly what the room will look like — usually from a couple of different angles — before it’s even completed!!

Create an online image ‘inspo’ board

This will showcase a clear collection of your taste in interiors, or the overall aesthetic/style of what you’re trying to achieve in your new dream home. A photo is worth a thousand words when you’re having trouble explaining what a wet area niche above the bath might be! Our favourite sources of inspiration are Instagram, Pinterest & Houzz.


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