Custom Home Design – what you haven’t thought of yet!

Custom Home Design – what you haven’t thought of yet!

We’ve all seen the renovation shows, The Block, House Rules, Grand Designs… looks fun?? There are so many elements to the design process that don’t even get a mention on shows such as these. Little things that can make a huge different to the overall look and feel of your home, that perhaps you haven’t thought of… yet.

As GCHomes Custom Home Design Consultant, I’ve sat through countless selection appointments, and these are just five areas of the home that I have my clients take their time considering.

  1. Ceiling heights

Industry standard for ceiling heights is around 2400mm. Our GCHomes standard ceiling height within our custom homes are 2550mm, and it’s amazing how much difference a couple of mm can do to the overall look and feel of your home. A 2700mm ceiling isn’t uncommon within our high end custom home designs, and we’ve just finished an incredible 3000mm ceiling in Surfers Paradise. There’s nothing more luxurious than a high ceiling!

  1. Skirting board sizes

Now that you’ve decided on your ceiling height, it’s important to make sure your skirting boards suit. There’s nothing worse than a beautiful high ceiling, and small standard skirting boards. Renovating shows (The Block, Three Birds Renovations) sing the praises of selecting the right skirting boards, which I can’t agree more with!

Our standard size is 68 x 11mm, which is enough to fill the space, without making a feature of the skirting board itself. The beauty of design a custom home is that we can specify whatever you like!

  1. Window frame colours

During our colour selections, the window frame colour is always a contentious topic between the decision makers! I seem to get stuck in the position of staying on colour theme, and making the frames a feature! Whatever your dream home looks like, keep in mind the impact that aluminium frames have on the overall aesthetic of your home (both inside and out).

  1. Electrical plan

Nothing worse than a lighting plan that doesn’t work for you and your family!

I always recommend my clients to ‘walk their plan’. Sounds crazy? It works!  Imagine walking through your home vacuuming, or with hands full of groceries, at night-time. Where would you reach for the switch to turn the hallway lights on? Add a switch there. Will your kids need to walk down stairs during the night to get a glass of water from the kitchen? Sensor stair lights can make a world of difference to your piece of mind.

Electrical feature lights such as LED under-cabinet strips, bathroom niches and stair lights are easy and fairly cost-effective ways to create a point of difference to your home.

The humble light switch has come a long way, gone are the standard chunky white eye-sores, our standards light switches, GPOs and data switches are slim, modern and add a subtle design touch to your home.

  1. Tiling Accessories

My clients will generally have a pretty clear idea about the look for their bathroom; be it a calming oasis, modern greys, crisp white, or marble – floor to ceiling. What is often not considered is the impact of tiling accessories. Grout colour is a great way to add another element of depth and interest to the tiling. Angles are used to make the corners where tiles meet nice and neat (think around windows or niches), this is another area of design consideration that can add impact to your custom bathroom. Angles can come in a variety of colours from standard chrome, to black, to rose gold.


I hope these topics gave some extra depth to how much consideration goes into designing a custom home!





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