Building Setbacks

Building Setbacks

What are building Setbacks and why are they vital to your Building Design

When building a new home, the kitchen, bathroom, and the overall look & style of the home are usually the first thing we think of. However there are far more important points to consider before any of these can be confirmed. And in some cases, provide a lot less options for decision. These are building setbacks.

A building setback is defined in the Queensland Development Code (QDC) as “(the position) where and how single dwelling houses and associated structures are located on a property. These can vary subject to zoning or plan of development requirements”.

Setbacks are extremely important to be aware of, especially if you haven’t purchased your land yet. Setbacks can change the whole design and they type & style of home you’re trying to build. Unfortunately there is no way around setbacks and you must comply with them, as they have been set by the local Council’s Planning Scheme. Not following the setback requirements can result in your home never obtaining its Development Application and/or Building Approval.

Below is a cheat sheet (but not always guaranteed) to give you an idea of what the setbacks are on the Gold Coast. These vary depending on not only the density overlay of the location of your block but also the size of your block and its street frontage.

If you thought that was a bit confusing, (let’s throw another curve ball), if you decide to buy in a new development such as Stockland, Mirvac, Villawood and Villa World, then they will more than likely have their own setbacks. These would have been determined by them, as developers, in conjunction with council when the original development application was submitted. So be aware, they could be different again.

Our team at GCHomes, are across the setback requirements, not only within City of Gold Coast but also Logan City Council, Brisbane City Council, Scenic Rim Regional Council, and Tweed Shire Council. We offer a comprehensive Town Planning Search on your land to determine all building parameters, regulations, covenants, design guidelines etc, to ensure you are buying a piece of land that will allow you to design and build your dream home, your way.

If you already have a block that you want to build a new home on, or an existing house to knock down and rebuild, we will help you put your ideas on paper, so we can build Your Home… Your Way…

Contact to our friendly professional team today for your complimentary Town Planning Feasibility so you don’t get caught out!


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