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  • Why Does Driveway Gradient Matter?

    Gradient is the degree of steepness from one point to another. Why is this important for your driveway? There are some strict guidelines that ...

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  • Building Setbacks

    What are building Setbacks and why are they vital to your Building Design When building a new home, the kitchen, bathroom, and the overall look ...

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  • How long will it take to build my house?

    The golden question! “How long will it take to build my house?”. It’s a contentious topic, especially during renovation shows ...

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  • Custom Home Design – what you haven’t thought of yet!

    We’ve all seen the renovation shows, The Block, House Rules, Grand Designs… looks fun?? There are so many elements to the design process that ...

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  • Broker or Bank?

    Building a home is a big investment financially and emotionally, so when it comes time to consider your financing options, what is better for ...

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  • What is a Building Certifer? Why do I need one?

    A private certifier is someone who is licenced to facilitate and issue Building Approvals or also known as Building Certification. All Queensland ...

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